Two-Chamber Machine Furnace

Advantages of the new magnesium machine furnace:

  • Stable, easily exchanged heating racks
  • Low power load of the heating elements
  • Less expensive heating racks / heating elements
  • No large power loss during a breakdown of single heating elements due to corresponding parallel connection to the power supply
  • Uniform load on the crucible (longer life)
  • High stability of the temperature of the metal bath (less segregation)

Ingot Preheating and Charging Device IPC – Meltec

  • Preheating of 150 kg Mg/h up to 200 °C
  • Magazine with approx. 14 ingots (~ 100 kg Mg)
  • Higher melting capacity of the machine furnace (> 25 %)
  • Minimum floor space requirement (~ 1.5 m²)
  • User-friendliness

With the IPC, not only is the safety of the magnesium ingots improved. The supervision of the bath level and the continuous charging of heated ingots considerably improves the working process.

  • The bath level is constant. This is especially important for the injection process of the hot chamber machines.
  • Stability of the metal temperature in the machine furnace à less segregation
  • No large turbulences and losses in inert gas. For the ingot charging no lid can be opened without control, hence less slag.